From the most sophisticated table to compelling plates, always with high-quality ingredients, Cuenca’s Cuisine is an unrivaled experience thanks to the various restaurants scattered throughout the City.

These restaurants guard their unique recipes like gold and are adjusted by chefs who take care of every small detail in their creations. The city boasts of its morteruelo, hot pate made from game meat, formerly made by shepherds where today it is a sophisticated tapa perfect for regaining strength after a long day.

The Manchegan grills and taverns relive daily the secret to roasting lamb the old-fashioned way, as well as preparing kid and game meat in a hundred ways. Honey, olive oil, cheese, purple garlic from Las Pedroneras, and bread, do not stop the tourists from succumbing to zarajos, bread with egg, arriero garlic or the pastor gazpacho, and finally alaju, an Arabian dessert made with almonds and honey.

International food is also present in the city, but made with a special flair only found in Cuenca.

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