The Nature embracing Cuenca blends in with the city, creating the perfect example of urban integration in a singularly attractive natural medium. The spectacular gorges of the rivers Jucar and Huecar –refuge of numerous species of birds- sculpts the scenery of our capital shaping a natural heritage that invites itself to be explored, especially when traveling with children.
A visit to Cuenca enables us to enjoy, in a few minutes, the Natural Park of the Serrania with enclaves similar to the Ciudad Encantada in the middle of a high quality biological atmosphere.
The Natural Monument of Palancares and Tierra Muerta is another essential visit for tourists who expectantly come to Cuenca and leave without time to recuperate from all the surprises found in our province, which is diverse and generous in resources.
Examples of Cuenca’s natural atmosphere: wicker grows in the source of the Jucar; cascades accompany the Cuervo River where it begins in the Muela of San Felipe; in wild pine forests, lime and maple trees offer routes to discover more than twenty species of colorful orchids surrounded by dragonflies and butterflies.



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