Cuenca, a great open-air exposition by itself, offers the tourist one of the most complete museum collections of Spain with two significant advantages: a variety and cluster of the enclaves in a space intended for human hiking, which makes it ideal for walking from place to place while enjoying the art and beauty surrounding the city.

Children and adults are fascinated by the Science Museum (el Museo de las Ciencias), in the heart of the city, with activities such as a 3D ride in a time machine… But best of all is that in a matter of minutes visitors traverse from the latest discoveries in history, safeguarded in the Treasure of the Cathedral Museum (Museo del Tesoro de la Catedral), with works from El Greco and the famous Byzantine brochure (Diptico Bizantino) or Despotas del Epiro Relic of the XVI century, to the Archeology Museum (Museo Arquelogico) that explains Cuenca’s origins. In contrast, the Abstract Art Foundation Museum focuses more on art that is not representative of the XX century.

The Antonio Perez Foundation, the Torner Space, and the Zabala House (Casa Zabala) summarize this unending tour through collections and fixed or traveling exhibitions. They are connected with the Holy Week Museum, in the Giron and Canizares House (la Casa de los Giron y Canizares), and the Paleontology Museum.

Calle Alfonso VIII 2 ES 16001 CUENCA

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