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Parque Arqueológico Segóbriga Carretera CM 310 Saelices

Archaeological Park of Segóbriga


Celtiberian Castro that, after the Roman conquest, became a city and administrative center of a large territory. He minted bronze coins from the middle of the 1st century B.C. with the images of the emperors Augustus, Tiberius and Caligula. The city of Segóbriga was the center of economic control and commercialization of the lapis specularis or translucent plaster mines until the fall of the Roman Empire. At the end of the 6th century A.D. Segóbriga was the head of an important Visigoth diocese. The Muslim invasion of the Iberian Peninsula caused its definitive depopulation, when its bishops and ruling elites fled north, seeking the shelter of the Christian kingdoms.

The site is located 45 minutes from the city of Cuenca and can be visited throughout the year.

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