If there is a city in Spain ideal to discover on foot, that is Cuenca. The entire capital spreads like a puzzle designed on a human scale, with pieces that the tourist is going step by step, streets and corners full of surprises.

The old town, the outskirts, the surroundings of the Huécar and Júcar rivers ... offer ideal itineraries to enjoy as a family, through safe and perfectly marked spaces. Losing yourself is impossible.

Another thing is that tourists choose to explore corners and corners that run along routes that reach impressive viewpoints, such as the one that starts on the way to the hermitage of San Julián to go down to the Júcar river or the one that goes to the hermitage of San Isidro .

The Rounds, the Alcázar and the Jewish quarter; the Casonas and Palacios or the way that allows to discover the most modern enclaves of the capital, are other possibilities.

It will also be impossible to leave without walking the path that leads to the Cueva de la Zarza, which starts from the Parador (former Convent of San Pablo), and advances through the Hole of the Huécar River, between escaped walls and exuberant vegetation.

If you are looking for stronger emotions nothing better than the routes on horseback, the climbing or the descent of ravines, within walking distance of the city.

Impossible to resist temptations so funny.

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Walks, routes and trails


Cuenca drives to the quiet walk, in which you can move without haste or pause, with time enough to admire and see the layout of the streets.

This Is the kind of walk that invites to travel roads that bring together art, history and beauty.

We invite you to know some of our ways and to discover for yourself the rest.


Active turism

A little bit of Action

To those who think a simple walk is not enough, Cuenca offers the opportunity to increase your adrenaline through multiple activities for Adventure Tourism. In every activity, there are professional supervisors with extensive experience.

Therefore, everything that is left to do is to accept the challenge, pick an activity, and enjoy every moment of it. The possibilities range from galloping through unique landscapes to descending in a rappel through a cascade or paddling through the waters of a mysterious river in a canoe. These are some experiences that will make us feel for many hours explorers in an unknown land, where nature still majestically reigns.

Then back at home, the sensations of being home again will come flooding through: warmth, smiles at the table, good rest, and dreams of being at your next adventure.