Villa Romana de Noheda


The discovery of the mosaics from the luxurious Roman villa of Noheda (4th century) has been one of the most relevant discoveries for archeology in recent years. The archaeological site is located 18 kilometers north of the city of Cuenca, near the town of Noheda (Villar de Domingo García). The Noheda mosaic is exceptional and no other figurative pavement with these dimensions and with such a complex and varied iconographic structure is known in the territory of Hispania. The composition is extremely interesting, since it presents a peculiar combination of mythological themes, representations of various ludi (games) and allusions to literary and theatrical genres. The various scenes that make up the mosaic are articulated with each other in a clear narrative style that allows the sequence of the different episodes of a myth or allegory to be followed. Added to all this is its excellent state of preservation. The visit to the Roman Villa of Noheda has a limited capacity due to issues of conservation of the mosaics, enjoyment and understanding for visitors. For this reason, it must be requested under advance reservation.